Church Farm’s new web site

March 2017
Welcome to our website and blog. We are very excited to be able to offer Northmoor Lamb® to a wider audience, and hope you enjoy it as much as we do.

For those new to Church Farm, Northmoor, we are a small West Oxfordshire family enterprise specializing in lamb (always available) from our flock of Romney sheep and pedigree Aberdeen Angus beef from our suckler herd (occasionally available).

We decided a few years ago to invest in our own microbutchery on the farm, so that we could control the quality of the meat bearing our label through every stage of production.
To bring you right up to date with our news, we were very excited to hear just last month that Northmoor Lamb® is now approved as a registered trademark in the UK. Only lamb bearing that mark carries our assurance of quality, value and provenance. Accept no other!

Also last month, I am pleased to report that our butchery again received the top hygiene rating of five stars for food hygiene and safety, structural compliance and confidence in management following an on the spot visit from our local Environmental Health Inspector

We have some lovely old season lamb coming through at the moment, so no need to buy meat that has come all the way from New Zealand (over 18,000 food miles) when ours is so much closer to hand (approximately 10 miles from farm to abattoir), top quality and competitively priced. Just let us know in good time if you’d like some for Easter. We sell individual joints and chops as well as whole and half lambs butchered and vacuum packed for your convenience.

Already the new season’s lambs are being born, and it was a pleasure on Sunday to welcome the congregation of St Denys’ Church Northmoor for our annual Family Lambing Service in the barn with the ewes and their new lambs.
Let me know what you’d like to hear about on the blog and we’ll do our best to respond next time.

More soon.
All the best Graham